Diversity and Inclusion

Over the last two weeks, ORABA has taken the time to listen and learn from the communities affected by racial injustice and we plan to continue this work. We are saddened and outraged by the racism that persists in our nation. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Clifford Grover, Tony McCade, Nina Pop, and countless others, have had their lives taken away due to systemic racism that our country can no longer ignore. As behavior analysts we have a duty to examine the contingencies that maintain this status quo and work with our communities to end racism. We must ensure all of our learners receive equitable, fair, and culturally competent services, and that our staff are provided with fair, inclusive, equitable, and socially just workplaces. We have a responsibility to impart socially significant change that leads to a more just society and makes the world a better place. We stand in recognition that Black Lives Matter.

As an organization, we understand and acknowledge that we have not been active participants in rectifying racial inequality. We pledge to make changes within our field and communities to end racism in Oregon and beyond. This is not an easy task and will involve an ongoing pursuit of knowledge, rawly and honestly identifying our individual biases, and engaging in behavior change that will lead to racial equity.

As ORABA, we will:

  • Demonstrate active involvement in Black Applied Behavior Analyst INC. and the ABA task force.
  • Engage in active dissemination of research, literature, and events on cultural sensitivity, implicit bias, racial discrimination, and systemic racism, while creating a space to discuss these issues in our field.
  • Promote diversity in our quarterly meeting presentations and conference representation.
  • Invite members from diverse backgrounds to run for board positions and lead committees.
  • Extend our focus on dissemination of ABA to all cultural and ethnic backgrounds through our Ambassadors Committee, with a focus on outreach to young adults about the profession of ABA in order to encourage a workforce reflective of the individuals we serve.
  • Continue to listen, learn and reflect on the experiences of the oppressed.

ORABA supports and stands with the Black community and their allies that are fighting to end racial injustice. We are here for you during this time. If you have any thoughts, resources, and/or feedback as to how to make ORABA more supportive in this fight for equality, please reach out to the board at [email protected].