ABA in Oregon

In 2013, Oregon approved SB 365, mandating insurance coverage of ABA as a therapy for people with autism and creating a title act for Licensed Behavior Analysts, Licensed Assistant Behavior Analysts, and Licensed Behavior Analysis Interventionists.

This legislation also created the Behavior Analysis Regulatory Board (BARB), which is a licensing board for behavior analysts. ABA practitioners who are certified through BARB can apply for a license to submit claims for insurance reimbursement for ABA services. Other ABA practitioners have a grandfathering period during which they can continue to practice until they either obtain board certification or meet equivalent standards still to be determined by BARB.

The Oregon Health Plan approved coverage of ABA as of January 2015; many other health insurance plans cover ABA as long as there is not an exclusion provision in the plan.

BARB is continuing to refine their rules and procedures. so please check their website for current information. The most recent rule changes went into effect in November 2015.