ORABA is Listening

 ORABA is committed to self-reflection, listening to the criticism of our field, and learning from feedback. 

ORABA recognizes the trauma related to the experiences of individuals who have received services from professionals in our field. ORABA stands against conversion therapy, shock therapy, and the use of abusive practices (e.g., forced masking, excessive use of punishment based procedures). ORABA values neurodiverse perspectives and voices and is committed to listening and learning to improve the quality of care provided by behavior analysts in the state of Oregon. 

Through these committed actions, ORABA will uphold these values in all future endeavors:

  • ORABA will provide access to training to support clinicians in engaging in self-reflection, avoiding ableist language, and developing interventions consistent with best practice to empower clients.
  • ORABA will engage in local outreach to Autistic advocates and seek input from these voices as we move towards policies designed to protect consumers of ABA.
  • ORABA will not tolerate or allow dissemination of conversion therapy or abusive practices within our organization and will work to inform our providers of the harmful effects of such treatments. 
  • ORABA has a commitment to do no harm and our overall goal is personal welfare, safety, and supporting the independence of the community we serve.
  • ORABA will actively listen and recruit feedback from the Autistic community. 
  • ORABA will advocate to the national leadership to strongly condemn abusive practices.
  • ORABA is committed to working to strengthen consumer protections in the state of Oregon.

ORABA and practitioners, families, and clients know from decades of research, that ABA has the power to improve people’s lives in incredible ways. ABA can provide individuals a voice to advocate for themselves, communicate their choices and preferences, and participate meaningfully in their community. ABA supports individuals in living their best lives as independently as possible, with their hopes and dreams at the forefront of their treatment.  

Today’s world is increasingly complex and one must acknowledge that seemingly contradictory truths can share space. ORABA strives to acknowledge and address the concerns about abusive applications of our science, while also honoring the experience of those for whom the science of behavior has led to more independent and happier lives.